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A Unique Opportunity

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As a Creative Minds Artist you can manage your own time and workload and enjoy the flexibility of delivering Art Sessions to clients around your circumstances. Our licence (franchise) opportunity simply enables you to do what you love, and love what you do.


A Community of Artists

You will be part of a vibrant community of artists stretching across the UK delivering fun and stimulating Art Sessions to care homes and other care settings. Every artist who joins Creative Minds is passionate, confident and caring and has a shared vision and belief in what we’re trying to achieve.


We have 2 private Community Groups on Facebook where we discuss new ideas for the Art Sessions, new art mediums and materials, new suppliers and ways in which we can improve our services. We also hold twice yearly Community Meetings.


Earn a Great Income

By joining Creative Minds you could earn a great income doing something that you love and feel passionately about. The income you can achieve as a Creative Minds Artist will depend on the amount of Art Sessions you deliver and your level of commitment.


On a part-time basis with a full client base you could achieve a yearly income of up

to £18,000

And on a full-time basis you could achieve up

to £26,000

Become a Creative Minds Artist

The licence is only £950 which includes our comprehensive ‘Start-up’ package including the following:

  • Extensive training in all aspects of the business.
  • Our Operations Manual and Art Sessions Booklet.
  • Marketing materials such as branded t-shirts, leaflets, business cards and compliment slips.
  • Preliminary marketing.
  • Art materials, mediums and equipment (worth £400) from our approved suppliers.
  • Added to our private community groups.
  • 1-1 support and mentorship.
  • Part of an established and trusted organisation in the social care sector…. and MUCH MORE!

After joining Creative Minds you will have 2 months free and then you will need to pay affordable monthly Service Fees (more details once you apply).

If you’re interested in our unique, affordable and flexible licence (franchise) opportunity please fill in our Licence Application Form by clicking the ‘Join Us’ button below. Once we have received your application we will email you to arrange a call and provide you with further details about the licence.

  • Licence Application Form

    • Please enter your current address.
    • ...If not please visit them to gain an insight into what we do.
    • If you don't have a 'Driving Licence & Vehicle' we will not be able to proceed with your application.
    • If you haven't we will provide you with a DBS form to fill in as part of your application process.
    • Please provide details about your interests as an artist. Are you a practicing artist? What mediums do you prefer to work with? etc
    • This can be about your work experience? Or your work in the community? Any art commissions you've had? Any experience of working with vulnerable people? etc
    • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
    • Licencing is similar to Franchising, and works in the same way. In becoming a licencee you would be operating your own business, in your own territory as a Creative Minds Artist.
    • Licences are provided to artists in their location on a 1st-come 1st-serve basis.
    • You must be able to commit at least 2.5 days a week to delivering Art Sessions and have a valid driving licence and car access.
    • Unfortunately we are unable to accept licence applications from artists living in London zones 1 & 2 due to congestion and lengthy travel times.
    • After receiving your application we will send you an email to arrange a call to discuss the licence opportunity in more detail. Please check your SPAM/JUNK MAIL regularly for our email. They have sometimes been appearing in there instead of the inbox.
    • We contact every applicant even if you are unsuccessful. If we haven’t contacted you regarding your Licence Application in 5 days it will mean that we haven’t received it. Please email us: to confirm.
    • Once we have discussed the licence with you over the phone we will arrange a meeting where we will give you further details and materials including our Licence Brochure. After the meeting we will arrange for you to shadow a Creative Minds Artist so that you can make an informed decision about whether you would like to join the organisation.
    • By ticking the box for ‘I have read the Licence Info’ you agree that you have read all the information and accept our specific limitations mentioned above.